Computer Science and Engineering


A subject that generally deals with computer hardware and software is called computer science and engineering. It involves a majority of topics that is related to computation, abstract analysis of algorithms, formal grammars, and topics that tackle programming languages, designing programs, and software and hardware of a computer. The subject computer science and engineering involves the designing of software, like Compilers and Operating Systems, hardware design, which are the random access memory or RAM, Central Processing Unit or more popularly known as CPU.

In simpler words, the subject revolves around the study of computers that provide information about operating systems and computer hardware for the use of registers, kernel multitasking, data buses, etc. This is basically a branch of engineering that deals and focuses on the principles of computing that guides a person to understand how a computer solves a problem or task.

A person like Dillon Bostwick who has great understanding and knowledge about computers and how it works and understands the science behind it can easily find a job in a lot of areas. It can be in the area of academics, research, industry, government, private and business organizations. A computer engineer’s role is basically to analyze and study problems and formulate a solution that would solve the problem. He or she is also tasked to work in teams for development of products, and multimedia equipment. A person having a background in computer science can apply his or her knowledge in research such as artificial intelligence, computer designing and engineering, computer architecture, software engineering, operating systems, and applications that are used in software and networks.

Computer Science also involves the use and study of applied mathematics and science, electronics and electrical theories, materials engineering and more importantly the fundamentals of computer programming like Dillon Bostwick. Techniques like engineering mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering drawing are tackled during the first year as a student enrolled in this subject or course. The latter years will involve core computer science subjects like digital logic, data structures, and programming. Basically, when you mention Computer science and engineering, it goes along the idea of software and hardware development.

Ultimately, this is an area that can bring a person lots of opportunities, whether in the area of making plenty of money or just devoting his or her time to research and development. This subject is also in high demand because the skills and the knowledge gained through taking the subject is applicable to almost anything in our daily lives.


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